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Our mission, your safety

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and solid experience, we have the necessary skills to meet the needs of our clients by offering them tailor-made services in the field of loans, insurance and investments.



Whatever the project you have to finance or the object you want to buy, we offer you a solution!


Life Insurance – Health Insurance – Legal Protection – Civil Liability / Household – Vehicles – Motorcycles – Assistance – Ownership

Other services

Taxes/Tax declaration – Filing claims reports – Application for Swiss nationality – Application for Invalidity Insurance – Miscellaneous letters

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4 good reasons to choose PT Conseil

Quality advice

Tailor-made, knowledgeable, free and non-binding professional advice

interesting savings

Significant savings on your monthly credit and insurance


A single intermediary to simplify your life and always close to you.

Safety and discretion assured

Quality support, neutrality, efficiency and confidentiality guaranteed.

Specialized and tailored services

With PT Conseil, you will always have a unique variety of services with special requirements designed for you!


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